Saturday, April 10, 2010


Oh yes. There is no title for this post because honestly I thought about it for a while but nothing appropriate flashed in my brain. When I started my blog, I only wanted to post whatever movies (plus occasional documentaries & science videos) that I've seen from mid-March 2010. I wanted to keep my personal beliefs/opinions regarding anything other than movies away from the blog.

If somebody asked me now what is my religion, I would say I had no religion at my birth, then I am brainwashed to be a Hindu because I was born in a Hindu family (I would have been a Muslim if somebody kidnapped me at birth & sold to a childless Muslim couple), finally came to my senses after 20 years & now I again assume my religious position at birth which is no religion. Mind you, once a person is brainwashed in a religious way (which most of you are) it is very difficult to come out of it, which explains why there are so many suicide killings, honour killings (based on both religion as well as caste). I am proud to come out of such brainwashing.

I had friends in my class who are afraid to mingle with my friends of another religion. I have friends whose family members, in case of a medical emergency, only take blood from within their relatives because they think that other's blood makes them impure. But when you accept evolution as a fact, there will be no place for any type of discrimination in your heart because everybody is related to everybody. You (whoever is reading this now from whichever place on Earth) are related to me, & we both are related to every other person on the planet albeit by a distance. When you think of every other person as your distant relative, you may not love them but at the same time you won't hate them. For e.g., I love & adore my sister. I also love my first cousins very much but not as much as I love my sister. My love towards my second cousins is far less than that towards my first cousins. I actually don't know about my third or fourth or any other cousins. But if somebody comes to me & says that he is say my fourth cousin, I may not love him but I definitely won't hate him. So when you think that every person is related to every other, believe me when I say, the whole perception of your world changes.

One more thing I wanted to add was this brain washing of kids. I have a question which you need not answer here but just answer to yourself. Are kids the property of their parents? (or) Are they the responsibility of their parents? I believe children are not some kind of stationary/property on which parents can start brainwashing their religious beliefs & customs. They are only the responsibility of parents until they have enough maturity. Please don't treat your kids like some property. Teach them the facts & leave them the freedom to choose their lifestyle when they are mature enough.    

Check this video on YouTube although this is not exactly related to the above subject.
Also check these winners of Project Reason short film contest. The 2nd one is nice but the 3rd one eats the cake. 

So why am I Posting all this? It is because I saw a documentary Jesus Camp. I almost cried after seeing that. I completed it at 2 a.m & now it is 5 a.m but I am unable to sleep. I have to let go my frustration of not being able to do anything except lying on my bed & thinking. Now that I vented some of feelings, probably I will sleep. I will post about Jesus Camp in my next post.


  1. They say 99.9 percent of basic building block of every humanbeing (DNA) match. May be we are just faces of some common force/pattern/god :) but our senses limit us to what we see as reality
    interesting thoughts.. interesting ideas good to know yours!!
    Hey btw if some one knows more about DNA and how it being common can be scientifically interpreted plz do post your comments. You too Amar!

  2. @ chinni,
    THANK Gosh! atlast someone has a voice.

    1. Regarding your DNA query, evolution explains it & the wiki article is good although complicated.
    It is true human-human DNA match is 99.9%. And human-chimp has a 97% match. I saw on NGC that humans & mice have 5% similar genome sequence. Same is the case with humans & dogs.

    Evolution in 3 simple steps. (Any evolutionary biologists, don't get irritated please:) )
    a. DNA being such a big code (it takes 3000 books with 1000 pages with 1000 letters per page to write the DNA of a single person), with every generation some of the code gets corrupted.
    b. Corruption results in different traits (some good & some bad). Good traits will eventually survive over the bad traits & this is a continuous process.
    c. After many generations, given time and the right environment, new species arise because the code would be entirely different.

    As far as I know, most of my friends can't fathom evolution because of the enormous time frame involved which is incomprehensible to our commonsense. I will give an analogy. A 100 years would be a very large amount of time for us but for evolution it is less than nothing. Let's imagine your home in London = present day humans & Mumbai = the first ever microbe. By the time you have reached your gate from hall, you have already crossed Jesus & Alexander. Another analogy. Assume life on Earth was started on Jan 1st & the present time is Dec 31st midnight. When does Homo Sapiens appear? Is it April or July or November? Remember that evolution has started at Jan 1st. But primitive man appeared only on Dec 31st evening & Homo Sapiens at around 9-10 p.m (i.e, just 2 hours ago).

    2 million years ago our brains were 33% smaller. If we Sapiens survive another million years, I don't think we will be Sapiens any more. We will be evolved into next stage with probably 50% bigger head. Probably our head will look like E.T :).

    Some very good videos that I recommend
    1. Life on Earth (1979)
    2. the genius of charles darwin 2008
    3. the human family tree 2009
    There would be a lot more but these are what I've watched till now.

    2. You said "'MAY BE' we are just faces of some common force/pattern/god". Let the kids grow based on free inquiry. When they are mature enough, if they think that GOD is the solution for their unsolved questions, let them choose whichever god they like. What I am requesting everyone is don't inject the 'MAY BEs' into kids from the day they were born. The actual focus of this & the next post is not GOD per se but the exploitation of kids. The exploitation is sometimes deliberate & disgusting as shown in Jesus Camp or as done by big religious organizations. But most of the times it is the unintentional exploitation, which we can see daily in millions of homes where parents are just acting as propaganda machines without realizing it themselves. An exploitation is an exploitation whether deliberate or not.

    This comment is appearing like a post to me.:)

  3. did not mean to say that god exists or is necessary by "'MAY BE' we are just faces of some common force/pattern/god". I too beleive that everyone should be allowed to have there own voice as long as it doesn't disturb others :)

    Thanks for Videos!